A Frenzied Handsome Hello.

Greetings fellow inquirers. My name is Alyssa Loera and I am new to the Institute of Cultural Inquiry. Over the next little while I’ll be acting as the Librarian/Archivist Intern. Currently I am employed as an Archival Clerk for USC while working for my MLIS through Drexel University. It seems I am destined to be completely immersed in the library world this Summer (much to my excitement). I earned my undergraduate degree in International Development with a minor in Film at UCLA, and have done some time in the comic book publishing world. I spend a lot of my extra time reading comic books, cooking, drawing poorly drawn comics, riding my bike around Los Angeles and doing homework.

I am delighted to be at ICI because somehow this place manages to relay these complex notions of art, intrigue, mystery and process all rolled into one fine entity. I look forward to the coming weeks as I know I am to learn more than I can fathom.


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