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A New Start

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Eliana Ruiz and I am the new Archivist Intern here at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry. I am a native to Southern California although I recently received my Master’s degree in Library Science, with an emphasis in archives, from the University of Pittsburgh. For me it was a natural road to follow after earning my Bachelors’ degrees in History and Spanish Literature from the University of California Riverside.  For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about books. From an early age they were my introduction to places, times, and ideas that I could only begin to imagine. While my travels may have begun in books they have since extended to traveling to places as diverse as Italy, Spain, and South Korea.

Since that time my travels may have brought me home again but it is my great pleasure to begin this next journey working with the unique library and archive housed here at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry.  It is a collection that more often than not provokes as many questions as it provides answers. It contains a logic that while not immediately obvious is all its own, one that challenges users to expect the unexpected.  It is a thought that is echoed on a billboard I saw outside the ICI after my first visit. In its conversation between two people it reads, “What are you looking for?” “The truth, darling, the truth”.

In a world that pushes us ever forward I believe that this pursuit of truth is something we all carry within us. While what is true will invariably mean different things to different people I look forward to discovering what it will mean for me in the weeks to come.

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