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All Are Not the Same…

Hello All,

I am currently a college student majoring in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Psychology. These two subjects are never confused, but when asked the definition of either many cannot articulate a distinction.

For me, the Institute has transformed my definition to a HD version from a slightly blurred one I had stored in my brain.

In my major and minor, there is a lot of research that is done to understand humankind, but many theories are not uniform for all. My time at the Institute involved hours of research studying other organizations, which was almost like studying other cultures. All are not the same.

I have learned that even in the not-for-profit world of organizations, there are cultures, languages, taboos, and social norms. This knowledge of even non-profits as a culture pushes me to realize there is culture in every aspect of life.

And that is real.

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