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An Obsession of the Jurassic Kind…

Hello readers,

This past week, I was privileged enough to take a field trip with my fellow interns to the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

After walking around with Elisa for an hour or so (we lost Janet in the dark recesses about 10 min after arriving), Elisa finally spoke the words that I was thinking the whole time as we gazed at the exhibits in wonder: “I don’t get it.”

After a nice tea and cookie session, Lise appeared looking just as confused as we were (she also got lost in the dark recesses and was relieved to find us). She discussed the theory of the “museum” with us.

I decided to ponder on the connection of the people involved in the exhibits, whether they be real, fake, or “fictive”, to the owner and founder of the museum. Many of the depicted people take on projects that are so time consuming that it becomes an obsession just to complete one portion. The museum has been around for 20 or so years and in itself is an obsession for the owner. I believe that he sees himself in the people he has portrayed in the exhibits. And that is real.

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