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Another summer…

Another summer begins and I look forward to our new round of interns. Rachel Wilson will be working with our Ephemera Kabinett, concentrating on our growing film archive and accompanying devices. She impressed us all during her interview when she identified the slightly worn but greatly loved ‘Soundie‘ in the ICI garage.

Elizabeth Sanders is our new graphic design intern. She’ll be working on a check-out system for our growing library and she’ll help us redesign the small signage in our gift shop and display areas.

I’m always impressed by the pool of talented people who apply to the ICI internship program and this year was no exception. I often learn as much from our interns as I hope they learn from us and so I suspect that even though we’re getting a late start to our summer activities that this will be a memorable session of thoughtful ideas and ambitious goals.

I’m ready.

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