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Ciao, ICI!

It’s been 3 weeks…

And it feels like one of those quick-fire challenges on Food Network, except all the ingredients haven’t been revealed to me yet, and may never be.  Despite the rapid nature of these past three weeks, a lot has been achieved.  I’ve been dedicating most of my time to the Institute’s sizable phonograph collection; accessioning, labeling, database entering, scanning, re-sizing, and my favorite part, listening.

The collection is one serendipitous discovery after another, embodying an eclectic sense for music I have only a passing familiarity with.  I recognize some Bob Dylan, sing along to some “My Fair Lady,” and revel in the discovery of musicians and songs I have never heard of, but am glad to have finally happened upon.

All the while, I’ve been drinking lots of tea.  With the stack of phonographs ebbing, I am excited to embark on a new project, while hopefully continuing to give the database the tender loving care it deserves.



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