Communication, Cognitive Neuroscience, and the Public Imaging Internship with the ICI

As a double major in Communication and Cognitive Neuroscience, my studies cover a large spectrum of topics – anything from analyzing a MTV music video to scrutinizing the left hippocampus in a dissection session is fair game!

Interestingly, I think that my internship with the ICI is in a strange way related to both of my majors.  As a Communication major, I am greatly interested in how the Internet and Social Networking has changed the way society communicates forever; through my internship, I am developing a more critical eye toward the Internet.  Furthermore, during my meetings with Lise, my mind is always stimulated with thoughts and wonder on human cognition and behavior – something that I think is very relevant to my interests as a Cognitive Neuroscience major.  There have been various moments in my work with the ICI when I stopped and wondered, “how would this look in the brain?”  For example, I think it would be interesting to see which parts of the brain are stimulated when one is communicating with a friend over the Internet (perhaps via Facebook) and see if these results differ from when one is communicating in-person.

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