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Continuing the Journey at a New Home

My name is Sue-Na (pronounced “soon-ae”) and I am both proud and excited to be starting out as a Curatorial Fellow here at the Institute.

My Journey to the Institute has been a long one. Prior to arriving here, I studied at UC Santa Barbara where I received my Bachelors Degree in both Art History and East Asian Cultural Studies. After graduating, I spent time abroad furthering my language skills at a Summer program at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea and re-exploring Europe.

After returning from my travels, I began the steps that would lead me to my current career path. I had the pleasure of working as an intern in the vault of the Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War in Culver City, CA, organizing their fine art collection and helping to standardize the museum’s catalog. In addition, I also had the opportunity to work as an Educator at the Long Beach Museum of Art conducting art lessons and workshops aimed at furthering both understanding and appreciation of California based artworks. These positions help to foster my interest in working in a cultural institution full time and in part led me to my decision to undertake at a Master’s Degree in Gallery Studies and Critical Curating at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

Once enrolled in the Curatorial Program, I got to delve first hand, into the many tasks of curating a gallery show. From conception to design to production and PR my first show entitled “Socially Active,” in 2009, along with a separate publication the same year entitled “Project Biennale” taught me both the skills and the unconventional methods of curatorial approach and display that would later endear me to the mission and projects of the ICI.

Since returning to the US, I have once again had the pleasure of interning throughout Los Angeles as a Production Intern at LACE, a Special Project intern at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, a Curatorial Intern at the Santa Monica Museum of Art and now, finally, here at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry.

This Fall, I will be utilizing my skills by working alongside my fellow Curatorial Fellow, Kaylie, to assist our Director with this year’s World AIDS Day project. Though the project itself is being kept hush-hush for now, I can definitely say that I’m eager to see all of the pieces fall into place and I’m even more eager to see how it will all play out.

Looking forward to working, learning and further exploring the depths and limits of visual culture.


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