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Curatorial Internship

My name is Gina Caprari, and my journey to and within the Institute has been a particularly rambling one—after a couple of rounds of applying for intern positions and then spending some time volunteering with the gift shop, I now serve as a curatorial intern and have supported the never-dull 100/10 project in sundry administrative and creative ways. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with an English Literature degree, I traveled and studied for four months in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I met family and worked to solidify my Castellano. I was spending this year working at a small Science Technical Medical publishing company editing manuscripts and managing its online journalism sector when I began putting in time at the ICI, and the think tank here has proven to permeate much of my personal life and even future plans.

I supremely enjoy just working within the Institute’s walls, where one can often feel the energy glowing. The library, ephemera, laboratory, exhibit space, and miscellaneous collection have bred such intriguing insights in just the short time I have been acquainted with the ICI, and that makes me excited to watch and see what happens here in the future.

I leave for San Francisco in the fall to begin a graduate program in English Literature, but I hope to keep well in touch with Institute productions while I’m away. At present, I’m happy to contribute some of the bare bones tasks that maintain a collection like this one, and it is always a pleasure to watch affiliates’ and visitors’ reactions to and interactions with the Institute.

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