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Earth Cabinet Update

Earth comes in all different shapes, colors, sizes, and textures —

Earth is a place: the planet on which I live, but it is also the word for “the substance of the land surface,” or “soil.”

As you can probably imagine, there is a whole lot of earth on Earth, but, if you haven’t already noticed, none of it is really quite the same. Even within a single sample of earth, taken from one specific location on Earth, the quality of the earth particles differs tremendously.

Before working with the Earth Cabinet, I always thought of earth as being a shade of medium brown or kelly green as it is often depicted in cartoon versions of the world.

Suddenly I can’t help but wonder, if we made all of the buildings and plants and cars and people that stand on the surface of Earth invisible and then looked from above our planet, would we see a patchwork quilt of different colors of varying luminosity?

I’ll leave you with that and get back to scanning for now.

-- Brittany

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