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Endings and Beginnings

Google map of Los Angeles libraries

For the past few weeks I have been working on the finishing touches of the redesign of the library. I’ve been working hard to place all the stamps and labels, and then placing the pockets within their respective books. This week I have finished. It is always such a nice feeling upon completion of a project. But with the end of one project, there is also a beginning to a new one.

My next endeavor at the ICI will be the Good Neighbor Project. This project aims to take donated books that our library already has copies of and resell them in the gift shop.  This project is really great! The name is based on the theory by Warburg that if one is looking for a book on the shelf, the neighboring book may be the better choice for the person. I love that! And I completely agree. I will be looking for a book, but its the books that I see along the way that really perk my interest.

My part in the project is to design a book cover that will go on the books to sell. I think my work is coming together well. I’m working with the image of a map of the Los Angeles area and abstracting it. I painted a watercolor of the map, uploaded it to my computer, overlayed roads and marks of all the libraries in the Los Angeles area, printed it, crumpled it, and re-uploaded into my computer. It has come out beautifully. Now I’m in the trial phase, so I am experimenting with how it will fit on books and the layout of the book information. I am very excited for the final product!


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