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Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed working as an archivist at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry. I have learned an immense amount about book preservation, archiving, photography, and other duties vital to maintaining a library. I’ve also had the opportunity to encounter many texts and images that have inspired surprised me, furthering interest in fields with which I’d had little familiarity with before.

I’m also very grateful to Lise Patt, the Director of the ICI, and Anna Ayeroff, the Assistant Director. Their guidance and kindness has never failed, and every time I felt unsure or confused by a new situation, I felt completely comfortable in asking for help. Besides being two of the more brilliant and interesting women I’ve met in my life, they are two of the most compassionate.

With some sadness I say goodbye to the ICI. It has been, for me, a wonderful laboratory of exploration and learning. I’m excited to use the new skills I’ve learned in my internship, and can’t wait to see what the ICI comes up with next.

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