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Final Thoughts by Joyce

My expectations for this internship were different than what it turned out to be. Most internships seem to be very impersonal, corporate, and business-like. To my surprise, this internship was nothing of that sort. Lise and Anna were very welcoming throughout my time at the ICI. They allowed me to implement my ideas into a project that combined all of our interests.

This internship has been valuable in that I was able to work with others and independently to produce a final project. Working individually helped me to build self-guidance and independency. Both of these aspects contributed to developing my first experiences with the working world.

My experience with the ICI really helped me to see how much I do not know about the world. I was exposed to many methods of studying art from the books I worked with.  Apart from the books, I met several artists that introduced me to artistic ideas.  This has stirred in me a desire to learn more about artistic studies.

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