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Hello from the new ICI Editorial Fellow!

My name is Hanna Bahedry, and I’m so pleased to be writing as the ICI’s Editorial Fellow for Summer 2017. As Editorial Fellow, I’ll be assisting the institute on both the AIDS Chronicle Project as it nears its 25th anniversary, and With Everything But the Monkey Head, a project based around the fantastic concept of “theorizing art’s untheorizable.”

I graduated from Wesleyan University with an English & Creative Writing degree and a Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory certificate. I’ve been fascinated with ICI ever since I noticed the funky, unassuming headquarters one day while filling my car at the nearby gas station (and yes, it is even cooler inside). I’ve spent the bulk of my time since graduating working in publishing, as well as hostessing at an Italian restaurant, bookselling on the Promenade, and manning the front desk at a local meditation studio. I connected immediately with ICI’s rhizomatic, contemplative approach to art, research and culture, and I’m so grateful to now be a part of this wonderful team. We consume visual culture all day every day, often unthinkingly or even unwillingly, and I’m excited to be working for an organization that asks us to consciously contemplate both what that means and how it feels. I look forward to a dynamic experience at ICI this summer!

Cheers, Hanna

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