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Meet Rachel

aka “Wilson”

As the newly-minted archival intern for the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Rachel is just starting to break into the crazy world of alternative archiving.

When she isn’t busy being jealous of people who can grow facial hair, you can often find Rachel cooking elaborate meals for herself or standing in a museum waiting for you to ask her what she thinks.  While a full-time student and part-time renaissance woah-man, Rachel enjoys watching British television, eating baked goods, reading Lucky Peach, traveling the world, and cataloging the world’s ephemera.

In the future, you can expect to find Rachel tending bar at her very own dinner sinema and feeding you the best damn apple pie in the Northwest.  And if she isn’t making you happy with food, spirits, or genre film, you can bet she’s camping somewhere in the Black Forest with her best friend, a German vintner with a crude sense of humor.  Because that’s the kind of future Rachel imagines, the best kind.


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