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New Beginnings

My name is JoJo Black, and I’m the new archivist intern at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry.  I am a recent graduate from UCLA department of Information Studies with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, specializing in Archival Studies.  While in school there, I had the fortunate pleasure of contributing my energy to organizations such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, UCLA department of Special CollectionsCenter for Primary Research & Training, and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, all of which house collections full of artistic, creative, and socially significant materials.

I feel so honored to be interning at ICI; its numerous projects, publications, and commitments fall right in line with many of my own personal and professional philosophies.  The collection itself, much like the organization and its members, is rich in social, political, and cultural diversity, with objects ranging in size, medium, purpose, and age.  To me, helping describe and organize this unique material to make it more accessible to the public is the reason I love working with archival collections.

I’m excited to dive into ICI’s collections, wade around in its contents, and emerge from its depths with a functional approach to help aid others in discovering the endless worth of this magical collection.

Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past.

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