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Phase 2: Beginning my Fall Fellowship

After wrapping up my first fellowship working on the Monkey Head project–and taking one long, deep inhale–it’s time for me to dive right back into it with a second fellowship! I’m so grateful that Lisa and Sue-Na have asked me to stay on for a few more months to work on a completely different project, as I feel so at home in this creative, collaborative, inquisitive space.

This time, I’ll be the Editorial Fellow for the AIDS Chronicles project, ICI’s flagship project. I’m thrilled to finally get involved with the AIDS Chronicles, as it’s so foundational to the ICI, not to mention such a crucial and relevant project that I connect to personally. There’s a lot to do as we gear up for the project’s 25th anniversary at the end of 2019. I’ll be doing research for the catalogue we’re making about the project, tracking down information about all the artists who have participated in the project over the years, as well as researching funding. This project is so large and expansive–and so inherently visual and spatial–that trying to confine it to two-dimensional pages will be a challenge. Finding an inventive and dynamic way to represent it on the page is an exciting challenge I’m ready to tackle.

I’ll be blogging weekly about my experience from our editor’s blog, so make sure to follow my journey at I’m sure there will be much more to say about this once I get started, but for now, there’s a stack of articles on my desk about the book as a metaphor that aren’t going to read themselves.


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