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Saying Goodbye…

Goodbyes are always hard but our farewell this week to Steve Eighmey was especially painful. Over the last three years, Steve has transformed the ICI into the magical space it is today. His official title is ‘Plant and Facilities Manager’ but he is known around here as our guardian angel. There has never been a task that Steve couldn’t tackle and many of his solutions to our wacky requests were truly inspired (just take a look at our gift shop shelves, the locking cabinets in our Resident’s quarters or the over-sized chalkboards in our display space that harken back to one-room schoolhouses). Steve wears many hats: gardener, plumber, electrician, carpenter, preparator and bartender at all of our openings over the last three years but the most frequent hat on his head is ‘friend.’

Steve is leaving Los Angeles but not our hearts. He’ll stay a part of the ICI as one of our many roving Associates. And his presence will linger in the ICI garden where the flowers he tended over the past few years offer awe-inspiring testimony to his magic touch.

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