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The Ephemera(l) Institution 12

Exhibiting once again that one doesn’t always see what is right before them, it appears that previously unnoticed strange metamorphic episodes are occurring within the walls of the Institute. During my time here as a resident I have observed and pointed out several of these incidents, but staff cannot remember any such occurrences prior to my arrival. Yes, one might jump on the erroneous assumption that I, personally, have had some participation in such changes, but I assure you, dear reader, I sadly hold no such extraordinary powers.

The book, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities by Albertus Seba, was until recently on display in an aisle of the Institute. One day this two-dimensional replica appeared, almost unnoticed in its place.

What is important about this circumstance, in the context of my objective here, is to be fortunate enough to be able to observe how the ephemera(l) transition of an organization, particularly one with the kind of institutional model previously discussed, may begin its metamorphoses into a pure ephemera(l) state even in the midst of its normal operational mode. Perhaps, to take this analysis a step backward, this transition began at the beginning.

Several volumes of the organization’s set of Encyclopaedia Britannica mysteriously disappeared from its shelf. It is unknown whether the ephemeral marker that now resides there will remain or will undergo further transformation. Perhaps it will one day find its way into the organization’s Ephemera Kabinett.

The possibility that ephemera(l) thoughts might beget ephemera(l) conditions and situations tends to support the notion that an institution can become itself. That is that, in this case, the adoption of an ephemera(l) method may have led to transformational events that are beyond the control of the organization.

Much to this researcher’s chagrin and dismay, the “Lyft Moustache” coffee cup, previously chronicled in these pages has morphed into a two-dimensional unusable replica of itself. It has been a surprise to this writer, that given his temporary status in this situation, such losses can become so personally painful.

Though the scenarios I am musing about are not a complete surprise, it is with awe that I am witness to the extent that occurrences, in response to a simple organizational preference, may physically and fantastically emerge and evolve.

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