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The Ephemera(l) Institution 5

There is a point I get to , during the process of any project that I am working on, when I am compelled to consider whether what I am doing has any intrinsic value. In the case of The Ephemera(l) Institution that time has arrived.

Notice I used the word “case” above when labeling this project, for that is what this process is, an investigation. It is an investigation not only into what is an ephemera(l) institution, but also into what is ephemera and whether ephemera, in some senses a representation of the past, holds any relevance for a fast-paced, hard-charging, get-out-of-my-way kind of society. There is a complication in doing a research into this kind of subject, and that is that the value of the material is sometimes shrouded by its lack of explication. What significance is there in having such material appear before us without a miniscule notion as to why?

An investigation like this sometimes uncovers a singular conclusion. Other times its answers are divulged solely through the reception effected by the aggregate material accumulated during the investigatory process. This case may be one of those where the determination of value comes through its collective mass or, alternately, simply by having gone through the process itself.

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