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The Ephemera(l) Institution 8

In the institution’s mind any graphic record in history or of human culture is a potential ephemeron.  Describing them loosely as between “a record or daily journal” and recycled goods, the institution convincingly contends that any and all of these ephemeron is grist for helping to convey an asymptotically more accurate portrayal of the story of societal evolution and experience via its culture(s). These particular, though equitably collected, ephemeron (the definition of which I am still half-heartedly striving to come to grips much less accept), come to the institution through diverse and potentially infinite channels and are sifted for their value in contributing to various preselected narratives.

As I am writing, I am from time to time distracted by a coffee cup with a “Lyft” moustache painted on its side. It is sitting beside my computer, is painted a very pale pink and has a small integral pedestal that lifts the cylinder of the cup off of the desk. In the annals of this particular moustache style, previously known as a handlebar, it is known to have been brandished on faces as old as those of Iron Age Celts. I selected this cup from the shelf of the institution because of its simple design as well as, and also in spite of, the iconic image decorating it.

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