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The Ephemera(l) Institution 9

Matchboxes-in-anotherbox: testimony 2013 Martin Gantman

In the 1990s the institution produced a work, based on Duchamp’s Boite-en-valise, which encapsulates some of the work of the institutional associates within a traveling box. Included within this box are artworks created by each associate that were made on and within small matchboxes. What one will not see within this valise is a matchbox work by one associate, yours truly, as such work was mysteriously, by persons and for reasons unknown, procured from the environs of an exhibition (curiously and coincidentally curated by the aforementioned yours truly) and was disappeared.

In order to rectify this tragedy, as well as to prompt the nature of ephemera, the author, during the arc of his institutional residence, has created a new work: Matchboxes-in-anotherbox: testimony. This work, to further attest to the ultimate ephemera(l) nature of all things, including detritus, will be interred on the grounds of the institution on the evening of January 11, 2014.

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