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The ICI Summer Internships

Archivist Internship, Ephemera Kabinett:

The intern will work closely with the Director to help catalog the Ephemera Kabinett. The intern will also preserve the drawers and contents of the ICI Ephemera Kabinett, as well as research a selection of materials of his/her choosing.

Archivist Internship, Library:

The intern will work to catalog the unique books in the ICI library. The intern will also repair and preserve damaged, rare books, as well as pick a selection of books to research in greater depth.

Curatorial Assistant Internship:

The intern will work closely with the Assistant Director to help launch a new curatorial program at ICI. Intern will assist in day-to-day administration and will oversee an aspect of the new program.

Public Imaging Internship:

Intern will help establish and maintain an internet presence for the organization through social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Artslant. The intern will also have an opportunity to work on ICI’s innovative blog, “Ephemera Kabinett” set to launch in early June 2010. This is a great opportunity for a recent graduate to build their portfolio as they learn about, and communicate with, the local and international art world.

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