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The Meaning of Colors: RED

In discussing culture, color in regard to race is a common theme, however, the nuanced cultural and historical meanings of the colors themselves are delved into far less often. As such, color has become a recent fascination of mine.

Being the first color, in most schools of thought, I’m starting my journey through the ICI’s library with RED.

In color science, red has both the highest wavelength and the shortest frequency.

Red expresses danger. It signals us to stop.

Red color of passion and love. Red is the color of blood.

Red is expressed as the color of fire and anger.

Red is a color of luck and good fortune (Eastern philosophy)

In color psychology, red is powerful; it amps up energy and stimulates the appetite.

“Seeing red.” “Paint the town red.” “Caught red handed.”

“Red is the first of the primary colors and in ancient symbolism it represents the body, the earth, and hell, all three of which meant the same thing in the old mystery religions. […] As to the meaning of red, it indicates force, vigor and energy. It’s interpretation depends on the shade, and as with all colors, upon the relationship of other colors.” — Edgar Cayce, Auras, 1945


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