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Three Sisters

There were once three sisters who were born to the Rose Family.  The eldest was named Ruby, the middle was named Coral and the youngest was named Amber.  The three girls were close in age and often seen together.  “There go the Rose girls,” people would say.

Ruby, Coral and Amber had abundance of qualities together and between them.  They were all kind, industrious, and beautiful in their own way, just as they all shared the same last name, Rose, yet had their own first name.  They were all blessed with an individual trait when they were born which was given to them by the oldest female member of the family.  Grandmother Rose was there for each of their births and she gave each girl her blessing.

To Ruby she gave the blessing of passion, that ability to be deeply moved by things in the world that would not only draw her to many adventures in life but would draw others to her.  This seemed fitting with her name.

To Coral she gave the blessing of a peaceful nature.  She would bring a calm and reassurance to everything she did and everyone she came in contact with.  Like the color of the sunset, Coral’s gift fit well with her name.

To Amber she gave the blessing of industry. She would find in herself huge reservoirs of strength and an ability to know where her efforts would have the most effects.  She shared this quality with bees and this fit well with her name too.

– A.F.-

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