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VIR Update 3

Great discovery of my time here, most provocative and stirring–the idea that the Eleusinian mysteries were anchored to the Demeter-Persephone myth–via Spiders and Spinsters by Martha Weigle

“By entering the figure of Demeter we realize the universal principle of life, which is to be pursued, robbed, raped, to fail to understand, to rage and grieve, but then to get everything back and be born again.”–Kerenyi

“Jane Harrison considered the Mysteries to be founded on a much more ancient women’s rite, from which men were excluded, a possibility which tells us how endangered and complex the mother-daughter cathexis was, even before recorded history. Each daughter, even in the millennia before Christ, must have longed for a mother whose love for her and whose power were so great as to undo rape and bring her back from death. And every mother must have longed for the power of Demeter, the efficacy of her anger, the reconciliation with her lost self.”

–Adrienne Rich, Of Women Born

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