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You Are the Curators of the Earth Project

You have all the information before you.  A small pile of dirt that can be held in the hand, a pebble that can be hidden in a pocket, a picture of an old home weathered by time pinned above your computer – it takes only a small sample of earth to recall wars that have been fought, homelands that have been lost, astral bodies that have been waylaid and legendary lands that have fueled our imaginations. Earth has… or is…

Mappa Mundi: The Earth Project is a place for sharing these experiences.  It is a database across time and space for you to contribute to and draw upon, to exchange with others, to use in creating your own world map, across a virtual network linking us all together.

As a curator of this project, you make the moves.  You choose your samples, the locations, you arrange the material, and you create the connections.  The possibilities are endless. Take what you like.  Take what inspires you and run with it.  Put it in your pocket.  Draw it in your sketchbook.  Write it on your arm.  It is yours to keep, to take along the journey, to use along your way.

What will you create?  You have until August 15 to find out.

This blog entry was originally posted as a part of the 100/10∆10: Mappa Mundi: The Earth Project. Coordinated by Jojo Black and Elisa Baek, this final iteration of the 100/10 curatorial project was open for participation on the Internet from June 28 – August 15, 2011.
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