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Goodbye, ICI! <3

It is officially my last day at ICI as an intern. It's been a really rewarding experience working on the AIDS Chronicles and a few other projects these past few months. I jumped right into this internship after moving back home to LA and I credit these two days a week with giving me stability and drive in my day to day as I've settled in. Driving to Culver City from the Valley twice a week was never easy or quick, but was always showing me new routes and beautiful landscape, helping me to readjust to and fall back in love with this place that has been my home all this time.

The AIDS Chronicles was truly inspiring to be part of, especially as I went through old newspapers as an adult, reading stories about events I had no context for as a child. The silence seen in the blank pages hit me hard and made the doubter in me remember why art projects such as these are so incredibly important. The history and meaning nerd in me thrive on that kind of perspective as well as the kind gathered just walking down these streets of Culver City. I'm also so very grateful for the guidance and wisdom I was given by Lise and Sue-Na; two strong women, thinkers, and artists who have helped shine some light on what can be accomplished in this life I am truly just beginning. While I came in twice a week to paint, mostly, I also often spent my 12 hours a week digesting information and life questions, pondering self doubt and possible life pathways; what Lise and Sue-Na do not know is that even their most passing words were often enough to put my freaked out young artist heart at ease. It meant a lot to earn their trust and friendship and to have the privilege of inhabiting the awesome garage studio I've grown so cozy in. I'm so grateful!

This will not be the last of my time at ICI, though! I want to continue to volunteer time to time as the AIDS Chronicles gears up for it's big showing in 2021 and I will forever be a friend to the Institute!

Thank you for a wonderful summer of growth and knowledge! See you soon!! :)


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