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A New Way of Thinking

My name is Elizabeth Sanders. I am the new Graphic Design intern here at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but came to Los Angeles to study at the University of Southern California. At USC, I attend the Roski School of Fine Arts. I am a junior seeking a Bachelor’s of Fine Art, in which I am emphasizing in Design, Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking. I’m also working on a minor in Cinematic Arts. I secretly wish to get a minor in Psychology (so interesting!), but then I definitely won’t be able to finish college in four years!

I am really loving my studies and even more, putting my skills into action through internships. This summer I have two internships. In addition to the ICI, I am working for an editorial beauty website, Beauty Bender. Beauty Bender is a lot of fun. I’m creating graphics for them  as well as learning all sorts of beauty tips. I’m fortunate to have found two great internships! And I really love that each internship is so different in projects and aesthetics. Beauty Bender is simple, chic and modern whereas the ICI adheres to a more vintage look.

At the ICI I will be working on various projects involving the library and the gift shop. In the library I am creating a card catalog system as well as a check out system. I am very excited about the library project. I have forever been in love with reading, books, and libraries– its the nerd within me. In my first few days, I have acquainted myself with the library and many of the books. The selection at the ICI is an eclectic one, but all of the books look intriguing. If only I had the time to sit and read them! The gift shop project is focused on recreating the signage, but also on some great projects like First and Last Line, Thomas Browne Project, and the Good Neighbor Project.

I am very excited to begin my time here. The ICI is a wonderful organization that promotes many ideas, such as synchronicity, Sebaldian theory, and the art of the process, that I am interested in exploring and practicing. The ICI promotes a different way of thinking and I’m so glad to be a part of it.


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