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Closing thoughts at the end of my ICI internship

The end of the summer is approaching, and, sadly, so is my time working with the ICI. I came in as the Curatorial Assistant Intern, to help with the operations for the current project “With Everything but the Monkey Head.”

I’ve learned a lot about why curation is essential for a project of this scale. While also learning how essential it is to communicate information visually, particularly for the public and curious spectators beyond the doors of the Institute.

I must say that I came to the ICI intrigued, knowing very little about the organization itself and its mission. By now, I can confidently say that I may have some small idea about the driving mission for ICI, although it remains very open for interpretation. This is a richly introspective space that the organization operates out of, a space that encourages different modes of thought.

I am very grateful and humbled to have had this opportunity, and look forward to taking what I’ve learned here with me as I move on to future ventures.

All best, Dareen

Post script: The library here is incredible! I’ve spent a lot of time here admiring the expansive book collection.

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