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Updates from my time thus far at ICI


My time at ICI has thus far been quite interesting, as I learn more and more about the organization through their current project series With Everything but the Monkey Head. 

Thus far I’ve been happy to meet two of our artists in residence, Anna Ayeroff and Antoinette LaFarge who have been working on their respective pieces for the ICI project program. This residency program is very intensive, and under very specific time constraints so I’ve translated and transcribed a lot of our project deadlines into solid dates so we have a more regimented schedule to go by. I’ve also been reaching out to different public outlets to notify them of these upcoming events at ICI where we invite the public to come join us on each individual artist’s finissage for the project. I even had the opportunity to sit in on important conversations that have taken place with the artists and staff that will contribute towards their projects.

It’s been rewarding to learn more about the organization, even inspiring, as I continue to question my role as an artist and researcher, and how important the artistic ‘process’ may be, rather than a finished product. I’m grateful to be a part of these conversations and use the information as a tool for my own practice moving forward. I’m very eager and excited to see what awaits for the rest of this summer as the project continues to unfold!


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